Marriage is never what it seems. Everyone has a story but I just choose to share mine.


Timna will work with you three months or less. The focus of her sessions is to engage you to identify and prioritize your developmental needs. She is your confidant, your listening ear, and your motivator. Look forward in raising your confidence in your next moves or decision making. She will help you to identify your personal needs to find clarity.

Timna’s ideal client is a person who is 35 -55 who is struggling with making a life change. Their self confidence is declining, self worth is being attacked and they feel not heard. This person need to find clarity and growth.

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Public Speaking

A quick fix:

Do you have a question or need clarification on a topic? Let’s do a quick fix.

30 minutes $75

45 minutes $100

60 minutes $125

Timna will coach you through your personal development by objectively listening and asking questions to open your mind to reach clarity.


Let’s do several sessions:

Do you want to achieve a goal that you have been struggling in achieving? Let’s do several sessions of coaching.

Weekly Checkin

Once a week for an hour = 1 month $500

VIP Intensive Program

Twice a week for an hour = 1 month $750

Group session

Let’s get naked

Learn effective communication about your wants and needs. Understand your desires and say YES to yourself and NO to the bullshit that makes you feel unappreciated.